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The Press on Powerup Apparel - Powerup Apparel

The Press on Powerup Apparel

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The Tee Directory on Powerup Apparel:

I like Powerup’s direction and hope to see more tees from them in the future! [more]

The Post on Powerup Apparel:

TeeCraze on DK Barrel Company.

Troundup on Gene Parmesan:

Gene Parmesan is perhaps the greatest private eye ever, and you can support his business with this shirt. It’s funny. [more]

Troundup on Chareth Cutestory:

Another Arrested Development reference because I love Arrested Development. Simple enough, eh? [more]

Hide Your Arms on Chareth Cutestory:

It seems almost bizarre that a show that was relatively short-lived still gets so much attention from the indie t-shirt communtiy. Still, if you like it, I’m cool with it. [more]

T-shirt Connoisseur on Knifey Spoony:

This has got to be the best subtle Simpsons reference t-shirt since the Fishbulb. [more]

Hide Your Arms on Knifey Spoony:

I am such a sucker for a Simpson’s referencing tee, especially one that takes something that was only said on the show once… but is remembered by almost everyone that’s seen it. [more]

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