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2009 Holiday Gift Guide - Powerup Apparel

2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect present? Powerup Apparel shirts make great gifts! Use this guide to help you decide which T-shirt will suit your loved ones this holiday season. All Powerup Apparel T-shirts include free shipping!

Reading Rainbow Shirt

This T-shirt is the ideal gift for anyone who grew up in the 90’s. The PBS program “Reading Rainbow” was a staple of elementary schools across the United States. The vintage design is offered on men’s gold shirts and women’s sunshine yellow shirts. Shirts are high quality, 100% cotton American Apparel tees. Free shipping to the US.

Classic video game shirt

Do you know someone who likes video games? The “Pacman” shirt is a nostalgic nod that any past or present gamer will appreciate. This design is printed on a white cap-sleeve shirt for women or a white ringer tee for men. Both versions are 100% cotton, American Apparel T-shirts. Free shipping to the US.

Simpsons Shirt

The “Knifey Spoony” T-shirt is perfect for any Simpsons fan. The design was inspired by a classic Simpsons episode where the family visits Australia. Long-time fans of the show will immediately recognize and appreciate the reference. This design is printed on high quality, heather gray American Apparel T-shirts. Free shipping to the US.

Arrested Development shirt

Have an Arrested Development fan on your gift-list? This shirt references a joke made in the first season of the hit Fox show, and is sure to be appreciated by any fan. The design is offered on navy blue, 100% cotton American Apparel high quality tees. Free shipping to the US.

Pacman: Final Request